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About Us | QUILA LIfestyle

Born of Hispanic heritage (Mexican & Salvadorian) Angel Santoyo A.K.A. PA¥TRONE comes from a diverse family mixed in with all ethnicities that has shaped his beliefs in which we are founded on.

We are living in an era where multiple communities have a common goal, which is to take ACTION! The significance of Diversity Is Trending is that we won't hold our tongue back. There is no ignoring us if you are easily offended / sensitive.

Life isn't for the faint of heart, for every champion you see, tribulations you don't. Think what you may your perception is your reality.



Within diversity comes culture to be shared, duplicated, but could never be replicated the same. Located in the heart of Virginia , Quila is a Clothing brand that offers customers a place to shop for timeless & bold urban wear. Founded in 2019, we sell quality merchandise to customers across the map. Whether you’re looking for a casual or nightclub outfit, we have something for everyone to feel confident in representing.